Selfie Olympics take over AHS

Selfie Olympics take over AHS

As Twitter comes up with new trends every day, The Selfie Olympics seems to be a popular one.

Starting not long after the word “selfie” became an official word in the Oxford dictionary, teens and adults from all over the world began participating  in this well-known activity.

“It’s an interesting way to start 2014 and I want to wish everyone participating good luck and “may the odds ever be in your favor,”sophomore Marem Atef  said.

Junior Cody Reagan is one of the many participants in the selfie olympics, posting a selfie in which his iPhone is floating inches above his hand.

“I think that the Selfie Olympics are hilarious and I love the creativity that some people used to take their selfies,” Reagan said.

As social networks are becoming an even more important part of teenagers’ lives, the Selfie Olympics are a gateway for the excitement towards the upcoming Winter Olympics.

“It’s a way for non athletic people to shine,” senior Marcus Walton said.

As the selfies develop in creativity and imagination they gain more publicity with every ‘favorite’ and ‘retweet’.

But, entering the Selfie Olympics is not as easy as many may think, although according to the ‘Olympians’ the process is all worth it.

“I think it’s amusing and very entertaining but can also be very excessive and unnecessary,” junior Reem Lakkis said. “I don’t pay attention to it but it seems like a big hit.”

Junior Kaitlyn Cook, a fellow ‘Olympian,’ posted a selfie of her in a volleyball uniform, while even going as far as to bring a volleyball net and volleyballs into her bathroom for the picture.

“I think it’s funny but some people take it a little too far,” Cook said. “ I thought it would be cool to bring my sport into it because I didn’t see any sports inspired selfies until I made mine.”

According to Cook, despite her new-found fame she has decided to retire her Olympic career because her “selfie game is too strong.”