Students take part of AMC


The American Mathematics Contest (AMC) was held this morning in the cafeteria during W2. Approximately 200 students from all grade levels arrived with pencils in hand ready for challenging and competitive problems provided by the Mathematical Association of America.

“The math competition went really well,” Math Teacher Roberto Obando said. “Many students participated and I hope even more participate next year.”The AMC test is the first examination in a series designed to identify students with exceptional mathematical talent. The students who do exceptionally well with the 12th grade form can then move on to other tests within the United States, including American Invitational Examination and the USA Mathematical Olympiad.

“I thought it was really difficult,” senior Sakshi Chabra said. “I was definitely struggling to answer the questions.”

Students who attended the competition were provided with these tough math questions to challenge themselves. Some teachers even granted extra credit for those who took the initiative to attend.

“I went to the AMC test because I wanted extra credit and I wanted to challenge myself,” Senior Hannah Coulter said. “It was challenging because I couldn’t use my calculator as an aid.”

Although many of the students found these problems difficult, the students reflect on the benefits of attending such events.

“Now I know what I need to work on in math,” senior Sakshi Chabra said. “It was helpful to try really hard problems so that it makes the ones we do in class a lot easier.”