Berrett now oversees English and Fine Arts Departments

Former Poe administrator comes to AHS

New administrator Joeseph Berrett oversees the Preforming Arts, Visual Arts and English departments.

New administrator Joeseph Berrett oversees the Preforming Arts, Visual Arts and English departments.

Joseph Berrett can be seen walking around the halls mingling with students as if he’s known them for years. Which in fact, as a former administrator at Poe Middle School, he has.

Berrett joined the AHS staff in early January to replace Pamela Gravitte, who accepted the assistant principal position at Braddock Elementary School. Berrett is the assistant principal to the English, Fine Arts and Performing Arts departments.

Before coming to AHS, Berrett was a Department Chair at Henry Thoreau Middle School, an after school program director as well as assistant principal at Poe Middle School.

“I enjoyed working at Thoreau and Poe Middle because we are more involved with the students, helping them every step of the way,” Berrett said.

Because Berrett has had such a long history with Poe, he recognizes many of his former students.

“It is interesting coming to Annandale and seeing former students,” Berrett said.

As assistant principal of the English department, he now oversees all of the teachers and students in every English class. He hopes to continue AHS’ high pass rate, and make it even higher.

“I hope to see SOL scores continue to rise. I want to make sure students are graduating on time [as well],” Berrett said.

As of right now, he is still evaluating what needs to be done to help improve scores.

“So far everything seems fine. I have to work here for a little bit longer to actually see what needs fixing and how I can help,” Berrett said.

Outside of school Berrett is father of two young daughters and an avid reader.

“My favorite books are A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius and The Great Gatsby,” Berrett said.

He also enjoys playing hockey, his favorite NHL team is the Penguins and his favorite NFL team is the Steelers.

Berrett is looking forward to the new semester.

“I am excited for the opportunity to be in a high school where we have the privilege of refining our student body in preparation for either college or the work force,” Berrett said.

Initial reporting by Destiny Gammon and Alishia Sampene