IB Science take Group 4 field trip


Jarod Golub

Students in Group 4 examine an exhibit at the museum.

On Tuesday September 29th the IB Science and Computer Science students went on a field trip to the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History.

Prior to the field trip, students were split up into groups of four or five students, one from each science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science). In these group the students had to decode a set of questions. Each question was coded based on a different science, with one question corresponding to biology, one to chemistry and so on.

On the bus rides, the students were given bus challenges and worksheets to complete as part of the project on their way to the museum and back.

Once the students arrived at the museum, they answered their previously decoded questions. The way that they were told to answer the questions was to get five pictures for each one. While at the museum, the students explored multiple exhibits and discovered clues related to their content area.

Students learned more about their subjects and how to work collaboratively with their peers on their scavenger hunt.

“I learned specifically about the subjects that my group was asked about,” sophomore Lucie Lefbom said. “For example, one of them asked us how scientist deduced that humans evolved from apes.”

The trip was a way for students to learn more about their subjects in an interesting and creative way.

“I think the purpose of this trip was to expose the IB students that are in group 4, which is the science group to various topics within their IB classes,” computer science teacher, Lark Madoo said.