IB Diploma ceremony takes place


Jarod Golub

The IB Diploma recipients who were present pose with their certificates.

After waiting the entire summer and through their first semester of college, the IB Diploma recipients from the Class of 2014 have finally received their diplomas.

The ceremony took place on January 9, 2015 at 9:30 a.m.

This year, ceremony began with a performance by members of the AHS Choral Department, who sang periodically throughout the event, as opposed to past years, when the orchestra has been used.

This song was followed by each of the diploma recipients who were present standing up and saying where they now go to school and something that the IB program did to help them.

While the students did receive actual paper diplomas at the ceremony, they have known that they earned them since last year.

“It was kind of underwhelming when I got it [the diploma] because I’ve known that I got it since the summer,” AHS alum Stephen Read said. “But it feels nice to have it in a tangible sense.”

Read, along with his fellow diploma recipients, took the time out of their winter breaks to come to the ceremony and speak to the students that were present.

“The ceremony itself was nice because I think that it finally recognized the best aspect of Annandale High School,” Read said. “The aspect of these great students and people who I share great company with, and who, I think, will be difference makers in the world.”

Diploma recipients that could not make it to the ceremony also wish that they could have been there to share in this moment of closure with their peers.

“I really wish that I could have made it,” AHS alumna Omnia Saed said. “I remember the ceremony my freshman year, and thinking that hopefully I would be up there one day.”

Another change from previous years was the venue of the ceremony, which took place in Clausen Hall.

“In previous years, we have always had it [the ceremony] in the auditorium,” IB Diploma Program Coordinator Shirley Campbell said. “This year, however, because of the snow delays, the time of the event changed and less students were able to come, so we switched it to a smaller location.”

However, the smaller venue may not be such a bad thing.

“I actually enjoy doing it in Clausen Hall,” Campbell said. “It provides for a more intimate atmosphere.”

“It was really cool, getting to see the product of what I, what all of us worked for throughout high school,” AHS alum Travis Swann said. “That experience was just invaluable.”