Teacher survives car crash with no serious injuries


Robin Griffin

Griffin's flipped car.


Family and consumer science teacher Robin Griffin was only driving one mile from her home. She droved through a green light as usual, but instead this time, a minivan came speeding towards her. Griffin saw the other driver going towards her door, expecting the driver to realize they had to stop, but they did not.

“I didn’t think she was really going to hit me. It was kind of like bumper cars, when you’re like ‘oh no this is gonna hurt’. She t-boned me,” Griffin said.

It was the first day back from winter break, and Griffin’s car was unexpectedly hit and flipped by a minivan.

“I was like okay that was really scary, but I’m okay. Next thing I know, my car flips, so I’m going upside down and I put my hands over my face. It was so scary, I thought I was going to die. I was so relieved that my daughter wasn’t in the car,” Griffin said.

After getting out of the accident safe and alive, it was time to think of the financial impact.

“My car was totaled and I just got a new car. But it’s a really long and hard process. It’s been a ton of paperwork and a ton of my time,” Griffin said. “Even though it wasn’t my fault, you still have to go through a lot of work and steps to get everything back. I’m happy that I’m not hurt, or not really hurt, I have some injuries. But it’s a real pain.”

When Griffin’s car flipped upside down, and she finally stopped. All of her side and back windows are destroyed except for the front window. She noticed that there was glass everywhere. Griffin owns a car with different kinds of safety features so there were side bags installed and activated that helped protect her from the shards of glass.

“I also had my seatbelt on, so I was hanging upside down like a little bat in a cave, and that prevented me from getting hurt. I always wear my seatbelt and I’m just so thankful.

The other driver was not paying attention according to Griffin. She saw her drinking coffee while driving.

After experiencing a serious accident first hand, Griffin had some advice she wanted to offer to students.

“So I just want to remind everybody to first and foremost, wear your seatbelt, because I really think I would be dead without it. And secondly, always pay attention, there was nothing that I could do but she certainly should have seen me, I have a white car so I’m pretty easy to see,” Griffin said.

Although being involved in a life threatening car accident, she only suffered minor injuries, such as neck pain. Many students are getting ready to begin driving on the road, so please practice safe driving and always stay alert while driving.