From Soccer to the Marines


Senior Daniela Salinas puts in the grind to achieve a first place trophy at the Iron Women Championship.

From the four hour sleep days to the brutal bootcamp, Daniela Salinas is ready to accept the challenge and join the Marines.

While some drill sergeants can be easier than others, one thing stands out: their slogans.

“ They probably say ‘put up’ or ‘shut-up’ the most,”  Salinas said.

Serving in the miltary, specifically the Marines, has been a dream of Salinas’s for a long time. “ I have always looked up to people with uniforms on,” Salinas said. “I chose the Marines because they are the most elite fighting force. They are also the hardest branch physically and mentally and I wanted to challenge myself.” 

Going into the Marines can be a hard task for those trying to be the best of the best. Being fit is important if you want to keep up with the others.

“ I work-out basically everyday, I power-lift on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Then I have Marine PT on Tuesdays and Thursdays.” Salinas said. Having to go to Parris Island in South Carolina can be a long way from home, so there are some sacrifices she has to make to become a Marine.

“ I am going to miss most of my free time, I will miss my girlfriend , I will really miss my pet turtle, I will miss my very close friends and lastly I will miss my family a lot,” Salinas said.

While she tries to overcome the hardships to come during bootcamp and the field of battle, we give a big oorah to future Marine Daniela Salinas.