Atom Branch opens for 2015-2016 school year

The Atom Branch, a branch of Apple Federal Credit Union at Annandale opened it doors for the 2015-2016 school year on September 22nd. The branch will be open during all red day lunches, for the remainder of the school year, from 11:20 to 1:20.

The Atom Branch is run, almost entirely, by Annandale students and can help prepare them for jobs they may have after they graduate from Annandale. To qualify to work at the Atom Branch, students need to take one year of accounting, and then move on to advanced accounting. Once they are enrolled in advanced accounting, they can apply to work for the branch.

Albert Steppe is the current teacher advisor for the Atom Branch. The role was passed on to him from the previous liaison, Helen Silverman.

“We have a smaller staff this year. In previous years we had about nine students, and this year we have four,” Steppe said, as he discussed some changes the Atom Branch has undergone this year.

He hopes the Atom Branch will bring in numerous new members this year, and that he, as the advisor, can help student to learn more about money and how they can manage it effectively.

“I want the students to learn how to save money at a younger age now and continue to do that as they get older,” Steppe said.

Junior Salima Khan is one of the students in advanced accounting who is working for the Atom Branch this year. She believes there are numerous benefits to working the Atom Branch.

“It’s a great learning experience, it looks great on college apps and it’s also a good work experience for the future,” Khan said. “Members will come in and deposit checks or choose to open new accounts, and I can help them do that. I also encourage other students to open accounts”.

Senior Tim Johnson also has an account at the Atom Branch. He has had this account since the beginning of his junior year.

“It’s easy to get money out of my account. The Atom Branch is convenient and  I can go to it anytime and talk to anybody about any trouble I have with my account,” Johnson said.

Many teachers have also opened accounts at the Atom Branch, believing that it is an easy way to support the school and because it is so so convenient and easy to access.