An aca-awesome app

If you’ve ever wanted to make a cover of a song but not put more than half an hour of effort into it, your solution is here.
Acapella is a relatively new app that lets you do exactly that. The app lets users create their own beats without using actual music, sparking the creativity of aspiring artists and comedians.
Its success is primarily due to its multiple simultaneous frames of videos and easy to use controls.
This makes the song choice for the user expand tremendously, as the quantity of beats to be made increases per frame.
This app is just another example of the rapidly increasing versatility and creativity of this generation’s social media.
Many students have tried out this popular trend. Senior Tabitha Barnes did her own rendition of “Respect” by Aretha Franklin.
“I like the app because it’s super simple and easy to use, anyone can do it,” Barnes said.
After posting her creation to Twitter, the tweet became popular amongst other students within a matter of minutes.
“I made one because I was bored and had seen some of the videos on Twitter,” Barnes said. “I downloaded the app and started to fool around with it. That’s how I came up with the one I posted.”
In addition to Barnes, other students partook in this popular craze, making covers of other classic hits.
“I heard about the app after I saw a few versions of it on social media. I made three and they were all really fun to make,” senior Gelila Reta said. “It’s a nice activity to do during your free time or if you just need a break from homework.”
Reta made a cover of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” by The Tokens, most notably played in the popular childhood film The Lion King.
“I chose the song because The Lion King is my favorite movie of all time and I’ve always wanted to make a cool, creative cover of it when I got the chance to,” Reta said.
Others, however, don’t understand the hype surrounding the new application.
“It is a fun app but I think it’s too similar to Vine,” sophomore Cecilia Joseph said.
The similarities between the Acapella app and Vine are pretty obvious for the most part – limited time constraint, social media apps and video apps.
“Don’t get me wrong, the app is very entertaining,” Joseph said. “But it lacks full authenticity.”
Conversely, the app has gotten more praise than criticism for its originality and simplicity. Many popular songs include theme songs to popular TV shows as well as songs in popular movies. The app is available for free in the App Store for iPhones for a limited time in celebration of its release. However, it is not available for Androids in the Play Store.