AHS Soccer Club

New club has students excited about soccer

AHS Soccer Club

The AHS Soccer Club is a program that encourages the appreciation of soccer through different activities, such as debates, discussions and sometimes even video game tournaments.

Every other Wednesday in room 263, the AHS Soccer Club holds their bi-weekly meeting.

“Members in the club have the opportunity to participate in discussions about soccer related issues or topics and debate those issues,” senior Faisal Hassen said. “They also get to participate in one of the most anticipated activities our members look forward to, the 16-man FIFA tournament we hold each month.”

Hassen founded the club last year in effort to bring students together to celebrate their love of soccer.

“I created the club because I knew there were many students in Annandale who enjoyed the sport so I thought it would be awesome to have a club at AHS that is dedicated to soccer,” Hassen said. “When I first created the club, my hopes were to make this a club that people can be proud to say they’re part of.”

The popularity of the club has increased due to the numerous group activities that they hold, including indoor soccer tournaments.

“Last year we were barely known but this year, I think I’m allowed to say that most of the students at Annandale know that there is a soccer club,” Hassen said. “The indoor tournaments are really popular and usually the spots are filled up really quickly.”

Hassen recently had to resign from his position as president of the club partly due to the arduous work the job requires.

“I didn’t receive as much aid to run this club that I had expected. Organizing and setting up meetings, FIFA tournaments, games and occasionally some activities during school that the club can participate in is easy with a four to six man board,” said Hassen. “But, organizing and setting up all those activities by yourself and occasionally one or two people is extremely difficult.”

Now, senior Naod Teklie has succeeded Hassen as the head of the club. He hopes to help the club prosper and expand and wants to encourage more students to join the club.

“I want students to join because I know for sure at the end, they will end up being a soccer fan for life,” Teklie said. “The activities we do throughout the year will make more students want to join and participate.”