No, FCPS should not have Narcotic K-9 units search schools

As students, in general, they feel that privacy is a basic right they are all entitled to. Having Narcotic K-9 units search our schools takes away that right. When asked about how students felt about these random searches, sophomore Eyob Mengistu said, “We shouldn’t have K-9 search our things like some criminals, because that is invading our privacy and we shouldn’t have to be subjected to that.” Some people may think that students dislike these searches because they have something to hide. However, students feel intimidated by how scary looking these dogs actually are. These police dogs are not only trained to find drugs, but they are trained to bark and or bite anything that smells or seems like a threat. Certain students at AHS feel that the need for dogs to search their things is unnecessary considering they know they have nothing to hide. When students are told they have to stay in the classroom during the sweep, they feel as though they have done something wrong. “If we have private stuff that we do not want anyone seeing, then it should stay that way,” senior Jashon Reams said. “I know I have nothing to hide, but knowing that there will be dogs and officers surrounding my things makes me uncomfortable.” Reams added. Yes, it is illegal to have drugs on school grounds, but should that be what schools are concerned about when schools are being shot up? “If we’re going to have dogs searching our things, they might as well be searching for something that will actually harm others,” sophomore Leslie Moriba said. “Personally I believe that schools should be more concerned about students bringing weapons to school considering school shootings have become so common.” Moriba added.