Math students test their skills in the AMC exam

This year’s American Mathematics Competition is approaching. On the morning of Feb. 2, students who excel in math, including all MHS members, have the opportunity to take the AMC test in the cafeteria. The test fee was $2; however, MHS students already paid this in their dues earlier in the year.

There are various small changes, which are being incorporated this year, in when the test will start and end.

“Before, we had the students take the test for the whole W2, but this year, we are having the students start towards the end of W2 so that they don’t miss class,” MHS supervisor Roberto Obando said. “They will then have the rest of W4 to take it.”

Also, before this year the spectrum of students who were recommended to take the test has shrunk. This is mainly because some students who were not as serious about math did not use this as an opportunity to improve but rather to get out of class. This has set a higher bar for those who are invited by Obando to participate.

“In the past years I sent invitations to take the test to more of the students,” Obando said. “But this year I only sent them for students with a math GPA of 3.5 or higher because they seem more serious about taking the test and it reflects of their abilities in class.”

The AMC contests are designed to provoke students abilities with effective mathematical problem solving that is consistent with curricular goals, and to prepare students for future mathematical success. For any students interested in pursuing math or even science, it is recommended to be involved in the AMC tests.

“For the students in math honor society, we made the test mandatory because  they all have math GPAs of 3.5 or higher and this is something I think they should be taking at their level of math,” Obando said.

After participating in the AMC, students’ tests will be sent to be graded at by the Mathematical Association of America. If a student scores highly, they may be noticed by individuals nationwide.

“I think that even though I’m required to take the AMC test for Math Honor Society, it will be a beneficial experience and a good way to test what I’ve learned through my math courses,” junior Omar Abuhashish said. “Why else would they make us take it?”