AHS choir department performs

The Select Women’s Ensemble, the Annandale Singers, the Concert Choir and the Men’s Chorale, all performed Tuesday night in the auditorium which was directed by AHS choral director Ms. Jessica Irish has been working with AHS since 2010, she has enjoyed improving our school choirs and teaching our students on how to improve themselves musically.

The concert consisted of 15 different songs that were performed throughout the night. The choirs all prepared themselves greatly before the concert date.

“We prepared ourselves by working hard, by practicing and singing everyday outside of school at home and after school,” junior Michelle Hoang said.

Throughout the night, the audiences had the opportunity to enjoy the peaceful and soothing pieces that were performed.

“Overall I think our concert went very well, it was definitely a strong performance, We were able to show more emotion and more energy for the music,” junior Janu Gellert said. “I don’t feel like we have much to improve on.”

The choirs will be able to show their emotion and energy again at Edison High School, where they will be performing for a choral assessment on March 16.