Chorus Students Sing Valentines

Singing Valentines was held once more this year on Thursday, February 11th. A singing valentine is a group or a single person who can be bought to sing a song to the person of the buyer’s choice during one of the recipient’s class period. The valentines go around from class to class delivering their musical message.

“The singing valentine fundraiser is our biggest one of the year. It spreads holiday cheer and we make money at the same time,” said Senior Tabitha Barnes.

The singing valentine fundraiser is chorus’ largest annual fundraiser, raising over a thousand dollars in the past. Each singing valentine is five dollars, and one can buy different packages for six or eight dollars.

I’m buying a singing valentine because they’re all very talented and I enjoy hearing them sing,” said sophomore Lennon Wuhrer. “I like how personal and special you can make the valentine.”

To be a singing valentine, chorus students will form a group or practice a solo, and audition to be on the set list. Aldwin Pagulayan, a senior, is singing three songs this year and reflects on what it’s like to be a singing valentine.

“Performing for people is always a nerve-wracking thing, but if you enjoy what you’re doing and love what you sing, then that should help you get through it,” says Pagulayan. “Seeing people entertained, smiling, and enjoying the music is what you want to achieve. When I see such a positive response it calms my nerves and helps me enjoy performing.”