Family Feud: AHS Edition

There’s a new event for students to participate in this spring. The Family Feud: Annandale Edition is meant to be similar to the popular game show on ABC.

Students will be asked a series of questions that come from surveys. Each group has a chance to come up with the answers that match the answers given in the survey. The point of the game is to see how much of the survey answers a team can come up with.

“Family Feud is a game show where four classes compete to name the most popular survey questions,” the program’s chairman, senior Brooke Thadeus said.  “There are five members per team: freshmen will verse juniors, sophomores will verse seniors and there will be a championship round to win prizes.”

Even though Family Feud is a brand new event created here at Annandale, other schools around the county have also been  hosting events like it.

“The leadership class brought the idea up so we could have more school spirit and would be more fun to do,” Thadeus said.

Although the actual event is scheduled to be in the middle of May,  an interest meeting is scheduled for April 19 in room 271A.

Students can also talk to leadership students as well as Carmen Bartley in room 271A for more information if they are interested in joining their class’s team or even curious.  The more people who get involved, the better the experience will be for everyone.

This will be a great way to compete, showcase your knowledge and have fun with your friends while showing your school spirit.