Mr Annandale 2016


In just a few short days AHS will be hosting the annual Mr. Annandale competition. Senior and junior boys all band together to entertain our school, but of course there can only be one winner Mr. Annandale. Mr. AHS is one of the most exciting and hilarious events that AHS puts on and tickets are on sale during all lunches for five dollars. Just like all school planning Mr. ANnandale required dedication and hard work from the planning committee to promote and advertise for the show, as well as from the contestants.

Every year the contestants, student body, and family/friends get to enjoy the hilarious entertainment and the eleventh and twelfth grade guys make all of the student body laugh until their stomachs hurt at the event, and every year there are new participants to carry on the tradition.

“I’m most excited for the spirit part of the show because it’s the funniest, and there is a surprise.” Jashon Reams, senior and first time Mr. Annandale participant.

“The audience can expect a lot of laughs, it’s a fun group of guys.” Reams told us.

“I’m most excited for the spirit part because it is gonna be really funny. The audience can expect to be in tears of laughter.” Senior and new Mr. Annandale contestant Tucker Mack.

Students have the next few days to pay five dollars for a Mr. Annandale ticket, it will be held on February 26th in the auditorium.