Seniors paint courtyard and sea train


Seniors paint the C train

After waiting all summer, the Class of 2017 gathered today at 9am to paint the senior courtyard and the sea train as part of their senior spirit activities.

The Class of 2017 officers announced on Tuesday via Twitter the date and time of the event and invited all seniors to participate and show their senior spirit as school starts next week.

“It was fun and great catching up with old friends before school started, we were able to gain more ideas for the upcoming year,” senior Fatmata Kamara said.

Seniors started the day by painting the sea train that is close to the school’s track field and then they painted the senior courtyard.

According to Vice-President of the Class of 2017, senior Sabrina Huynh the class theme is “Elite” because iis short and simple.

Seniors are happy with the theme picked to represent Class of 2017.

“I like the ‘elite’ theme for our class because it’s simple and short,” senior Dyanna Rodriguez said.

Even though in the past years, seniors were able to also paint the chimney, this year seniors weren’t allowed.

“We can’t paint the chimney because they are fixing the roof,” Huynh said.

Overall, seniors enjoyed the outcome and had a great time with their friends.
“[I enjoyed the most] the bond between all the seniors when we came together to paint,” senior Jessica Smith said.