Gay Straight Alliance interest meeting held today

Suad Mohamed and Sadie Modica

The Gay Straight Alliance had their interest meeting today in room 241 at 3:05 pm. Former sponsor Ms. Korones left last year, and the new sponsor is Latin teacher Ms. Ash.

The aim of GSA is “to inform and educate people about LGTBQ life and issues, and to be a safe place for all of Annandale’s students,” Ash said.

The club has discussions on social issues regarding the LGBT community, and spends time together in a safe and inclusive space. Everyone is welcome to join.

“[GSA] is fun, informative, and can help you cope with issues you are having, and you can help support others who need help, too,” Ash said.

“You can meet new people, and learn about topics are prevalent in our society. Considering that 20% of the population are homosexual and 700,000 people in the United States alone are transgender, chances are you already have someone in your life that is LGTBQ.”