1924 Model T Touring car in Auto Shop


Jessica Salisbury, News Editor

It rolls on four wheels at top speeds of 40-45 mph, has a ten gallon fuel tank, and is generated by a 20 horsepower engine. But this 1924 Model T is nothing compared to what teens drive today.

For the next week Auto Shop teacher Joe Desio and his class will get to see a little bit of history as they work with a 1924 Model T Touring Car. Desio is using the automobile to demonstrate the advancements of the automobile in the last 92 years.

The car is owned by a foundation called FATE (FoundationFor Applied Technical Education) . This foundation brings the car to different auto shops all over the county to give students a chance to learn the differences between old and new cars. “This car has been here since Tuesday and will go back to another school sometime next week,” Desio said.

This car allows Desio to show his students how far automobiles have come in terms of safety and technology. The Model T car does not have as many of the features that cars today have such as seat belts, turn signals, air conditioning, a heater, windows, a driver door, tail lights, brake lights or brakes on the front of the car.

Throughout history cars have progressed exceedingly and have become much more advanced as new features and safety precautions were invented. “I just want my students to see how much more superior newer cars are compared to the older vehicles,” Desio said.

His students also enjoy learning and working with the automobile and find it to be very interesting. “It is a very old, rusty antique vehicle, I think it’s a great car,” said freshmen Ryan Fowler. Other students find it hard to believe that people rode in these automobiles. “It’s an awesome car but I have also realized that it is extremely unsafe to ride in,” said sophomore Humaid Billo.

Cars have evolved tremendously and have become way more efficient and secure compared to cars that were manufactured in 1924. People today are used to having heated seats and big stereo systems but what people sometimes forget is that cars weren’t always this luxurious. “The Model T was one of the first modes of transportation embraced by America, this is all we knew back in 1924,” said Desio.