Students blend Thanksgiving traditions: Peru

Fares Ayoub, Staff Writer

The most important holiday for sophomore Jennifer Chavez is Thanksgiving. To start the day, her dads side of the family comes in the morning to visit her at her house and share what they are grateful for.

“After we share our thoughts, we figure out and agree on whose house to go to and eat lunch,” Chavez said.

She and her family begin the celebrations by eating tamales along with other Peruvian food in the morning. The ladies in her family usually cook while the men are watching movies or playing pool. For the big lunch meal, she and her family eat turkey, mashed potatoes, and fruit salad, along with other traditional Peruvian food. “

“The most exciting part of Thanksgiving for me is when I get to eat the turkey,” Chaves said.

Though they combine their cultural food along with the basic American food, the meaning of Thanksgiving is the same to them and reminds them to be thankful for their blessings.