Leadership lends a hand

Class holds drive to collect school supplies for Lumberton high


Jessica Salisbury, News Editor

The recent Hurricane Matthew has hit many homes and schools, leaving them damaged or even destroyed along the eastern shoreline. Leadership has set up a drive called “Lend a Hand to Lumberton” to give students an opportunity to help out Lumberton Senior High School as they recover from the storm. From now until Nov. 22, students and faculty will have the chance to get involved and donate school supplies to this school in need.

In preparation for the drive, Leadership did research about the path of Hurricane Matthew and found places that were most physically damaged by the storm. They then narrowed their research down to Lumberton Senior High School and then came in contact with their principal, Larry Obeda, and told him their intentions and asked if Lumberton High would benefit from the drive. “They were very receptive and grateful for our offer, and we are very excited to be working with LSHS,” said Leadership sponsor Jessica Arias.

Lumberton high is very appreciative for Annandale’s support as they try to transition into the school year.  

“Lumberton and their families have had to adapt to change and some things that we take for granted aren’t available to them at the moment,” said senior Leadership executive board member Karen Lara. “The help from our school will impact the regrowth of the high school and help provide them with the necessary supplies they need for their students.”

Students are encouraged to donate new school supplies during all lunches. Binders, folders, and notebooks will be accepted individually and everything else must come in a pack.The class with the most collected items will score points for the winter pep rally.

Arias thinks that students should like to participate in this service activity because school supplies are easy to shop for and they will be going to students much like the ones at Annandale. “Lumberton High has a student body of around 2,200 and a population diverse like ours,” said Arias.

A countless amount of students have agreed that this cause is a great idea and an all around great thing to do.

“To help these kids worry about the more important issues rather than whether they’ll have school supplies sounds like a great cause to me,” said sophomore Rebecca Tecle.

Students and staff have the power to make a difference and show that they can have a significant impact on the school’s recovery.

“We are lending a hand to a school located 336 miles away, so it shows our influence has no limit,” said Lara.

Everyone is coming together as one school and one union, to help out this school who is less fortunate.

“I feel really great knowing that my efforts will go and help so many students in need,” said junior Charlotte Getsey. “After donating, students feel good about themselves and enjoy the idea of making someone else feel good too.”

Many students want to help because they understand what Lumberton High is going through.“They are students just like us, so we can all relate,” said Lara.

This opportunity is a very simple and easy way for every student and staff member to help out and allow the high school to continue to grow and learn just like Annandale. Every student should have the opportunity to get an education. Nothing should be able to take that opportunity away from them.