Leadership collects Toys for Tots

Leadership collects Toys for Tots

Fares Ayoub, Staff Writer

It’s that time of the year to give back to your community. AHS is doing its part by donating toys to kids in the area. Hosted by leadership, this event will take place from Nov. 28 through Dec. 9.

Toys for Tots is a program run by the U.S Marine Corps. The objective is to help less fortunate children throughout the US experience the joy of Christmas by p
roviding them with toys and gifts.

“We will be donating to a local drop-off site, I don’t know how their distribution works (It could be for local children or national)”said by Karen Lara the head of the Toys for Tots committee.

Leadership aims to receive around 50 toys. “Honestly, given our student body population, this should be higher but we don’t expect too much since toys are not something you quickly have access to” said by Lara.

Although Leadership has a set goal of the amounts of toys they will receive, they would love if their  expectations were surpassed.

“We are only collecting for one week so that might not allow for much participation” said by Lara. “However, we have provided an incentive: the W4 class with most toys collected will receive a complimentary breakfast.”

Leadership has provided numerous ways for students to donate toys, hoping to improve participation in the event.

“We have set up different methods to collect (hopefully making it more accessible for students), students can drop off toys to their W4 teachers, during all lunches or Room 210” said by Lara. “Disregard all posters and previous announcements.”

Donated toys must be new. The Marine Corps website clearly states that what types of toys will be accepted on their website saying, “Toys for Tots does not publish a list of appropriate toys to donate.  If such a list were created, most would follow it, resulting in a limited selection of items to distribute in each community.  We would rather our donors consider what might be an appropriate gift for their own child/relative, purchase the item, and donate to Toys for Tots. Toys for Tots prefers not to accept realistic looking weapons and gifts with food.  If donated, such items will NOT be distributed. Most campaign sites are able to assist children up to age 12, but in many local communities, local support is such that the age limit may be extended to 14-16.”

Leadership hopes the whole school will get involved and give back this holiday season.

“Our last day of collection is this Friday, December 9th” said by Leadership sponsor Jessica Arias. “We hope to collect as many toys as possible! The toys will go to kids in our community, so we would like to see as many people donate as possible.”