Clubs raise some funds

Jessica Salisbury, News Editor

As the holidays are quickly approaching many clubs and organizations have been holding fundraisers to help out their programs and others in need.

The Future Business Leaders of America held a Classic Cookie fundraiser from November 10 through November 30. The FBLA sold cookie dough, cinnabons, pastries, popcorn and magazines in hope of raising enough money to attend the FBLA National Leadership Conference in Anaheim, CA in June 2017.

Business teacher, Albert Steppe enjoyed seeing his students realize that by applying themselves to the fundraiser, they could accomplish more than they imagined.

“It is always interesting to me to see which students have the motivation to excel,” Steppe said.

The Orchestra department has also had many fundraisers this year and have plenty more coming up in the future. The next fundraiser they are planning on having will be at Barnes and Noble in Tysons Corner on Dec. 14.

“This will be a fairly big one for us, we hope to make at least $500,” orchestra teacher Angela Ammerman said.

All of the money that the orchestra receives throughout the year will be used to pay for critical  items needed in the orchestra program such as instruments, strings, and new sheet music. The donations will also be able to help students participate in events that they normally wouldn’t be able to due to financial strains.

Ammerman is very proud with her students and the amount of effort they put in to continue to allow their program to grow.

“I  love to see how the students come together for a bigger cause and I am constantly amazed at how motivated students are to help one another,” Ammerman said.

The Special Education department was also holding a fundraiser to collect donations for the Homeless Project. Staff and students were asked to bring in donations of items or cash to room 92.

Another club who recently held a fundraiser was the Theater Company. Their fundraiser took place at a Chipotle chain in Alexandria.

People were encouraged to go to the Chipotle between 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. and notify the cashier that they were with Annandale High School. 50 percent of all of the proceeds were donated to the theater department.

Some athletic teams have also had winter fundraisers to help raise money for new equipment.

The wrestling team spent a day raking leaves throughout the neighborhood to raise money for their program.

“It was a great experience to help out the neighborhoods and get our athletic department money for sports,” sophomore wrestler Oussama Jordan said.

The swim team had a fundraiser as well. Each swimmer was asked to sell cookie dough for 20 dollars a piece and whoever sold 25 received a jacket.

“I enjoyed the fundraiser because I love cookies and it’s fun being able to sell them to other people” senior swimmer Adriana Romano said.

As more fundraisers will continue to take place throughout the year everyone is encouraged to donate and help the clubs at Annandale High School grow and develop.