Annual Science Fair

Suad Mohamed, Staff Writer

The annual Science Fair was held in the upstairs gym on Wednesday, January 25th, and was on display during W4 on the following Thursday. Participants included students enrolled in biology honors, chemistry honors, and a majority of IB science students.

Awards for 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place in categories biology, chemistry, and physics were given. Recipients will proceed to participate in regionals. Honorable mentions were also given out.

“Science Fair was a success this year. I walked by each project and things looked great,” Science Fair director and Biology teacher Caroline Gergel said. “The freshmen learned about the process of an experiment and working with scientific method; the upperclassmen learned more about the topics they were researching.”

“I liked Science Fair,” said freshman Elizabeth Dula, whose project won second place in the biology category along with partners Britney Tran and Mya-Ave Clyburn. “I was really surprised when I found out that we had won, because I saw a lot of great projects on display.

Below is a list of all the winners:


1st Place: Alexander Vann Chounaramy

2nd Place: Elizabeth Dula, Britney Tran, and Mya-Ave Clyburn; Jasmine Tang, Cerys Jones, and Genevieve Le

3rd Place: Kaitlyn Muth, Fatima Khalid, and Jennifer Rojas; Jonathan Rapp, Gabriel Mills, Raffi Krikorian

Honorable Mentions: Emily Shawish, Cynthia Nguyen, and Umi Herman; Ayia Ismael, Jennifer Sanchez, and Brenda Huamani; Binqi Chen; Joey Davis; Megan Lee; Rahul Mann;



1st Place: Ji Hun Kim

2nd Place: Maria Cisneros-Gomez, Johana Rodriguez Huarachi, and Michelle Dang

3rd Place: Selam Nagash

Honorable Mentions: Carolyn Nemens and Galilea Sejas-Machado; Jason Garcia and Alejandro Delgadillo, Kani Khalid



1st Place: Binqi Chen

2nd Place: Ian McClelland; Steven Hy

3rd Place: Mikalah Parsons; Janic Vaz

Honorable Mentions: Cutter Billeaudeaux