Annual Arabian Night Held

Students celebrate culture

Fares Ayoub, Staff Writer

The smell of delicious Arabian food welcome people into the third annual AHS event Arabian Night was held on Friday, Feb.10.

“Everyone who takes Arabic and their families are invited, plus a few other teachers and students. All of those who were invited were assigned a dish to bring, and it was all Arabian food. Many brought types of rice with chicken and there was also Arabian desserts,” junior Rebecca Kindling said.

Arabian night was from 6-9pm with around 60 people were there.

This year, Arabian Night was structured differently than in previous years.

“For the last two years I told the students what to do, but this year the officers of the Arabic club are the ones who planned it and I coordinated it” Arabic teacher Ola Layaly said.

Layaly said there was food from many different Arabic countries, like Kushri from Egypt, couscous from Morocco, Fatire and Kiba from Lebanon, Kofta from Saudi Arabia, kabsa and tabula from Lebanon, all in addition to the desserts, salads, and appetizers.

In addition to a variety of Arabian dishes, students wore traditional and cultural clothes that had beads and fine fabric. The students put on makeup, high heels and jewelry.


After eating, the students danced and did activities.


“We danced the Lebanese Dabke, we had different activities to share about like T.V. shows and Jeopardy, and we gave prizes to the winners” Layaly said.
All of the talking, eating, dancing and drinking culminated to a very fun night for the students who participated. There was even some fun competition in the games that were being played.