Candid moments

Students participate in everyday activities around the school

Katie Pope, Staff Writer

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  • Freshman Abril Sanchez Quiero tosses the ball on the field during a lacrosse green day. "I like lacrosse because it's a difficult sport but once you get the hang of it it's fun," Sanchez Quiero said.

  • Sophomores Carson Chen and Emily Trachsel complete their class work in Government. "I think Government is an important class because it is important that everyone understands how the government works since we are the ones who have to live with it," Chen said.

  • Sophomore Alex Bellem and a few of his friends sit on the stairs in the morning. They listen to music and play on their phones. "My friends and I sit here and wait for the bell to ring," Bellem said. "I go on my phone and watch Revertz, my favorite You Tuber."

  • Senior Danyom Beyene explains the details of Singing Valentines to customers during lunch in the cafeteria. "I am helping out with Singing Valentines because I asked to be in charge along side juniors Selam Negash and Michelle Akl," Beyene said. "We organized this because we loved participating in Singing Valentines the last couple of years and now we are in charge of it and it has been lots of fun."

  • Junior Steven Hy (front left) and other orchestra students eat in the orchestra room during D lunch. "I like to eat in the orchestra room rather than the cafeteria, because it is peaceful and it's great being able to talk to my orchestra buds," Hy said.

  • Junior Elliot Alwes makes an announcement to everyone in the cafeteria during C lunch. "I made C lunch aware of Singing Valentines so that we could spread the love," Alwes said. "I love our choir program and want to support however I can."

  • Sophomore Jessica Ambrocio talks with friends after school before they go on the bus. "The bus is very loud, but I have no other way home so I take the bus," Ambrocio said.

  • Freshman Daniel Lopez-Batres, Mohamed Ahmed and Abraham Kebrom color a map for the book The Odyssey in the hallway for English class.

  • Juniors Razan Abdelaziz and Katherine Angel talk to Chemistry teacher Isaac Boakye between class. "I was telling my two best students that one of them looks similar to a guy in one of my classes and that they could be siblings," Boakye said.

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