All Night Grad Tickets

Luke Elkins, Staff Writer

Tickets for the annual All-Night Graduation Celebration are officially for sale.

Taking place on June 17, from 10:30 pm to 5 am, at the Audrey Moore Rec Center, the All-Night Grad Celebration is a safe, chaperoned, alcohol-free, and drug-free event for the class of 2017 to spend their last moments together.

It features a live DJ, an all night buffet, a video gaming room, a hypnotist, and many other forms of entertainment. According to the PTSA, the All-Night Grad Celebration provides a safe, healthy environment for seniors to party one last time with their friends.

Until Feb. 28th, tickets will be 35$. However, after Feb. 28th, the price will increase to the standard 45$. If you purchase by June 3rd, you are guaranteed to receive an official ANGC t-shirt

No money is needed to bring on the night of the event, however it is recommended to bring a towel, a swimsuit, and a cell phone. It is also recommended to encourage your parents to chaperone, as it will be the last time for them to chaperone an event for you.

To register ask for a ticket form at the front office, or online at the PTSA website.