Mr. Annandale Crowned

Senior Brahim Bangora earns prestigious title

Yabi Bereket, Staff Writer

12 junior and senior boys strutted their stuff last Friday night at the annual Mr. Annandale competition. The event, which was hosted by the leadership class, had comical skits and stylish struts that left students and teachers laughing in their seats.

Although senior Brahim Bangora earned the prestigious title of Mr. Annandale this year it was no easy decision as all 12 boys put their best foot forward.

“I felt like Brahim was likely to win, he is known by many and seems like a good person overall,” said Hemen Besufekad.  

The show consists of six categories, requiring the boys to think out of the box and try new things to win the crown. The six categories are: Mr. Elegance, Mr. Strength, Mr. Talent, Mr. Spirit, Mr. Fan Favorite and Mr. Intelligence. After all the categories have crowned a winner the overall Mr. Annandale was announced.

As the lights dimmed on the stage the two hosts, Tehya Moss and Sheila Aguirre walked out dressed to perfection, they helped to introduce all the boys and segway into each new category. A definitely memorable entrance was Danyom Beyenes’, dressed in a large cheetah coat, alongside his date, and a student with a lion mask on, to help put together his stage name of “prince of Africa”.

Mr. Muscle did not disappoint either as senior Othmane Kerfal put bunnies at the end of the bar for weights instead of actual weights, in an attempt to mimic a famous Spongebob Squarepants episode.

“It was really funny to watch”, said sophomore Sesen Beyene. “It was definitely had the crowd laughing.”

Matthew Vogus flipped on stage with his younger sister Anna Vogus as a part of his Mr. Spirit skit and Micheal Nguyen flipped pizza dough as his talent; there was no shortage of creativity and entertainment.

This year, a transgender student, Katana Negley, was placed into Mr. Annandale after asking to be apart of it. His participation in the show helped contribute to the growth of  acceptance and diversity in our school. Although Negley did not take home any crowns he did get loud cheers and claps during his performances and had an impressive spirit component; color guard flag throwing.

The overall winners for the night included, Liam Conroy being named Mr. Elegance, Danyom Beyene deemed Mr. Muscle, Michael Nguyen crowned Mr. Intelligence, Matthew Vogus as Mr. Spirit and Mr. Fan Favorite was won by Tj Ullah.

The toddlers and tiaras themed show was certainly no disappointment and gave the crowd a good show for their money.