Student of the Quarter Ice Cream Social

Casey Nguyen, Staff writer

After School on Wednesday March 1, held in the Annandale High School cafeteria, the Student of the Quarter Ice Cream Social is set to occur. All students receiving second quarter’s “Most Improved” certificate will be invited to come and have a good time by celebrating their academic achievements.

The Student of the Quarter Ice Cream Social is a quarterly event that is aimed at making the students feel more motivated for future success. Teachers award one student from each class period based on their improvement during the second quarter. The main goal of the event was to show students that they will be awarded in the end if they work hard enough and stay on task.

However, the Student of the Quarter event is not aimed at singling out any one student, or even worst favoring a student. The purpose of the event is to rather congratulate and celebrate students who went above and beyond the minimum requirements and criteria. It is suppose to further encourage other students in working harder to possibility also receive the certificate of excellence.

Throughout the event, students enjoyed themselves by being treated to multiple flavors of ice cream and toppings. Better yet, they are able to socialize with their peers and are offered to get unlimited amounts of servings of ice cream.

Sophomore Victor Nguyen attended this quarter’s Ice Cream Social for excelling in his Accounting course during the second quarter. “It feels like the school is bribing students to do well, but I am not complaining because I am getting free ice cream out of it,” Nguyen said.

Overall in general, the event was an enjoyable way to inspire students to work even harder the next quarter.