IB Exam Attendance Policy

Fares Ayoub, Staff Writer

April 20 and April 21 junior IB candidates will be starting their first study days.

IB study days are days allotted to students for preparing and studying for their IB exam, they are not mandatory but cant help improve test scores. Approved study days will be counted as an excused absence. To be granted a study day the student’s parent or guardian must give a note to the attendance office requesting the student take a IB day. Students may be given 1 to 2 study days.

Students with morning IB exams can find their IB test location on the IB office door in Clausen Hall or by the Upstairs Gym. Students taking a morning test should arrive at 8:15 a.m. prepared and ready to test.

After completing the exam students are allowed to leave school early but only if they have filled in and signed an early release permission slip from their IB teacher. Permission slips are on the AHS website or a hard copy can be found in the attendance office.

For test takers with an afternoon IB Exams the same rules apply: students are permitted to come late only if they have returned a late arrival permission slip to the attendance office at least one week prior to the test. If you have already turned in your permission slip you do not need to go to the Attendance Office. Students testing in the afternoon should be at their designated testing location by 12:30 p.m.