Girls lacrosse senior night

Ethan Zimmerman, Staff Writer

The Annandale Girls Lacrosse team hosted the Mount Vernon Majors for senior night on Friday April 28th. The team remembered and thanked all the seniors on the team and all the senior managers.

The Atoms had a total of eight seniors Maddie Walsh, Vicky Luu, Sasha Silva, and Sabrina Huynh, on the team and four senior managers Laura Urquizu, Johanna Rivas, Erica Arias, and Bitania Endalkachew.

As the introductions finished the girls got ready for their last game of the regular season. The Atoms had a tough season with a record of 3-10 before the game and were looking to enter the playoffs with some momentum and hopefully make a strong playoff run.

The Atoms played a great game and kept making it harder for the Majors to come back and win the game. The Atoms continued their dominance in the game and eventually won by a score of 16-3.

The Atoms improved their record to 4-10 on the season and will enter the playoffs with a win in their last game.Their first game in the playoffs for the Atoms will be against the West Potomac Wolverines.

The game will be on May 4th at West Potomac, the Atoms will be looking to win and continue in their playoff run to the second round. “I am pretty excited for the first round, I feel we didn’t play our best the first time and now we are given a second chance” said junior Grace Hatch.