New red track installed

The new track sports a new red look, differing from the previous black one

Ethan Zimmerman, Sports X-Tra Editor

This year Annandale athletics will have the opportunity to use a brand new track. The new track is a much needed improvement from the pre-existing track, which was used by most sports to stay in condition for their upcoming season.
However the old track had many holes and rips in the rubber. The track desperately needed to be redone and needed an overall new look.
According to Director of Student Activities, John Ellenberger, the County covered the cost for the new track.
The track was redone by removing the old track all the way to the base layer, and restarting the entire track. Week by week people could see how the track was coming together, and you got a better idea of how of how much this renovation was needed.
“The old track we had was really torn up and it just looked dry and worn out,” said junior track runner Abbey Yared.
The track was used by many sports and was even a resource for physical education classes for freshmen and sophomores.
This week the workers were adding the finishing touches which included a red finish to the whole track. “I think it makes more sense to have a red track since our school colors are red and white,” Yared said.
Since it is the start of the cross country season, a efficient and new track is needed to help the athletes with their training. As of now, the teams are accommodating with their situation by going to other tracks or going on long runs instead.
“The track won’t be finished for another two weeks,” girls cross country coach Phil Harris said. “We plan on doing 400 meter to 1600 meter workouts after it is done.”
The new track would be a great asset not only to the cross country and track teams, but also every other sport as well.
“I am excited to break the track in when it is complete,” senior Janice Milian said.