Annandale’s Masquerade Concert


Students perform in the orchestra dressed as their Halloween characters

Jamileh Hamadeh, Staff Writer

Annandale High School’s orchestra performed one of their very first concerts and were joined by Poe Middle School’s sinfonia orchestra in their very own masquerade Concert. This concert is held every year at Annandale High School and it is a great opportunity to get Poe Middle School orchestra students to participate in a high school level orchestra performance.

There were six orchestra groups that performed, which include Poe Middle School’s sinfonia orchestra, beginner orchestra, concert orchestra, sinfonia orchestra, artiste orchestra, and philharmonic orchestra. Savannah Jones, one of the members of Annandale High School’s sinfonia orchestra,  shared her thoughts on the performance. Jones said,“I think my group did really good and all of our pieces sounded pretty good.” The songs that Annandale High School’s sinfonia orchestra performed were “Recuerdos De La Alhambra,” “Legend Of The Sleepy Hollow,” and “Celtic Force.”

The Masquerade concert is an entertaining way to get parents and all orchestra members of Annandale High School to dress up in their Halloween costumes while performing. Mousa Ayoub, a member of Annandale’s sinfonia orchestra, said that he thinks the best costume had to go to Mrs. Augustine from Poe Middle School with dressed as a dinosaur and conducted one of her pieces, Jurassic Park, with a bone. Ayoub thinks his orchestra group could have improved on intonation but he says that they performed quite well. Jones also commented “we could improve on not rushing while they’re playing and having all sections stay together, we are getting a lot better at that.” Each orchestra group has their own fun way to get the audience excited and maybe a little creeped out.

If you couldn’t come out to this concert, there are many many more performances Annandale High School will hold for the orchestra.