Little Free Library started

NEHS helps to promote reading with non-profit project


Binqi Chen, Co Editor-in-Chief

Members of the English National Honor Society met during Pride Time to prime and paint designs on the first Free Little Library at AHS. The Free Little Library is a non-profit organization that allows students to exchange books for free. The library’s books are free for anyone to take or to donate.

Through this project, NEHS hopes to encourage and promote reading to more students. The club also hopes to expose students to a wider variety of literary genres. “Having the mini library at AHS will hopefully give students a chance to dive into books they might have never considered before,” NEHS Publicist Khanh Nguyen said.

The library’s first books will be donated by members of NEHS. They will submit a book with a summary and letter inside the cover to the next reader. This way, the readers will have a more personal and engaging experience with the book.

This has been a long-term project of the honor society, as the idea was started last school year. The library was purchased during the spring by NEHS sponsors and English teachers Julia Hanneman and Sasha Duran. The library arrived during the summer and the members of NEHS have personally designed and decorated the library.

“They [Hanneman and Duran] told me about the library earlier this year and what they thought it could be,” NEHS President Megan Lee said. “I absolutely love the idea of having a place where people can share their love for literature right in our school without making a big deal about it.”

Lee hopes that through this, more people will have a new hobby where they can enjoy a break from the stresses of school.