Mr. Annandale approaches

Shyeim Campbell, Staff Writer

Who has the most muscle? Who is the most talented? Who is the most intelligent guy at AHS? Mr.Annandale is a pageant where contestants compete against each other to become the final Mr. Annandale.

The annual Mr.Annandale contest will be held Feb.23 at 7:00 pm in the auditorium, this will reveal who is the best all-around AHS.Mr.Annandale will include 10 contestants and will cost $5. There is a promo video being shown every announcement including the 10 contestants.

Students are probably wondering if this Mr.Annandale is different from the previous ones or how they prepped this event.

The difference between this Mr.Annandale and the previous ones is that there will be only 10 contestants instead of 12.

Head of Committee McKenzie Yi stated that organizing this event is hard because they depend on the guys to have their music, props, and performances ready. “I’m most excited to see all the Mr.Talent performances because there are always one funny one,” Yi Said.

Rebecca Kindling, Head of Committee along with McKenzie states that there will five judges and the crowd is counted as a judge as well. There are five categories along with five crowns, one for each category and one for the Mr.Annandale.

        Senior Jack McCrossin will compete in Mr. Annandale because it is his senior year. He has watched the event ever since his freshman year, and he always thought it looked fun. “I’m most excited to see who will actually win the competition this year.  I haven’t really planned out what I’ll be doing, but I am sure it will be worth the watch,” McCrossin said.

Senior Tyler Rush is another contestant that will be in the Mr. Annandale pageant. “I am really excited to see what the rest of my friends will be doing for their performances,” Rush said.

Senior Leslie Moriba is another contestant that will be competing to become Mr.Annandale. “I am most excited for Mr. Elegance because I will get to show off my drip with my escort, but I am not really sure what I will be doing for the pageant,” Moriba said.

   The following categories are Mr. Annandale events this year:

  • Mr. Elegance: Work your best-dressed look. Boys wear your suit and tie and escorts along.
  • Mr. Muscle: Show your muscles to the audience and wow the judges.
  • Mr. Talent: Show a unique talent to the audience and judges.
  • Mr. Spirit: Show off your AHS spirit. You must incorporate red and white.

And if you make it to the top five:

  • Mr. Intelligence: You will be asked simple questions about your life, your future, and/or the school.