AHS welcomes Class of 2022

Freshmen class attends event to navigate and prepare for school year


Galilea Sejas

On Aug. 23, the incoming freshmen class gathered in the main gym to conclude their orientation with a pep rally and a Class of 2022 group photo.

Jude Nanaw, Co-Editor in Chief

With the first week of the school year in the books, the new freshmen Class of 2022 is settling into and getting adjusted to school at Annandale.

With transitioning from middle school to high school being a significant leap for most, incoming freshmen had the opportunity to learn more about their classes and the school as a whole at freshmen orientation on Aug. 23.

The incoming class was met with cheers from the Leadership class and cheerleaders as many of them entered AHS for the first time.

Orientation began at the auditorium where staff members provided brief speeches and an introduction to the school to the incoming class.

After this, the students proceeded to go through their red day schedule and find out where all of their classes are located and get the chance to meet their teachers and classmates for the first time.

Leadership students and staff members lined the hallways to provide the new students with directions to their classes.  

After cycling through all of their red day classes, the freshmen went through the same process for their white day schedules as well.

Once they toured all of their classes, the freshmen were directed to the gymnasium for a pep rally where the marching band performed school fight songs and cheerleaders performed alongside them.

The Leadership class also set up an entertaining game of musical chairs during the pep rally.

Principal Tim Thomas gave a brief speech to the Class of 2022, motivating the new class to work hard in their upcoming school year.

“I’m a big fan of the pep rally myself,” Thomas said. “Hearing the band perform, watching the cheerleaders and having leadership set up activities is just exciting.”

While talking to the Class of 2022, Thomas provided advice including tips on how to be successful.

“My main message to the incoming freshmen class is to keep things simple like doing their homework and coming to class on time,” Thomas said. “I would also really encourage everyone to find at least one adult in the building that they could connect with and have a strong relationship with.”