Improv Comedy Club has first meeting


Joe Courtney (Right) and Hunter Duggan (Left) participate in an improv scene.

Jude Nanaw, Co-Editor in Chief

The Improv Comedy Club, a relatively new club at AHS, had their first meeting on Sept. 12.

Now in its third year, the club is open to all who are interested in joining and participating in theatrical improvisation.

Members of the club perform scenes with improvisational acting and without a script or prior preparation. Scenes or games performed by members of the club typically have a comedic sense to them.

The sheer randomness and humor involved in the making of these scenes allow participants to express themselves freely through spontaneous acting.

When performing scenes, participants may be randomly asked to complete certain tasks or incorporate random objects into the scene.  

“My favorite part is seeing a scene come together,” senior Kyle Dalsimer said. “People bringing random pieces into the scene and seeing it all come together is hilarious.”

In addition, the club also participates in live performances and shows as well as at competitions.

The Improv Comedy Club is quite different and varies from the acting done in the theatre class. Rather than having a script and memorizing lines, improvisational acting requires swift decision-making and quickly figuring out the direction of a scene.  

“Playing the different scenes, events and games allows us to tests ourselves,” Dalsimer said. “It also provides us with the opportunity of just having a good time,” Dalsimer said.

New members to the club are excited about having the opportunity to join in the unrehearsed acting.

“I think it will be a very nice way to express myself,” freshman Jewel Coulter. “I like the idea of incorporating random variables into our scenes on the spot.”  

The club typically meets every Friday and will hold multiple performances and shows throughout the school year.