Soft Coup in the White House

Adam Shawish, Staff Writer

The White House is in shambles. Aides taking legislatures of the president’s desk, military leaders not taking orders, and a anonymous op-ed piece in the New York Times making a fool of Trump from a senior White House aide. A soft coup could be taking place.

The anonymous op-ed piece gives an in depth report into what really is happening in the Trump administration. Click here to read the full article,

The article describes how the writer believes in the administration, however aides take some of the more destructive policies. It also says “that his impulses are generally anti-trade and anti-democratic, and his decision making is erratic and he can change his mind in a moment.”

Trump’s actions may be correlated to his age. At age 72, he is currently our oldest president to take office. It is possible his mental health is deteriorating. After all of what we’ve seen so far, Trump could leave office before his term is over.

Many people believe the anonymous article could make it harder for the coup to continue. Trump will most likely become more paranoid, he will no longer take advice against damaging actions. The op-ed writer states “We’re here to thwart him” If anyone tries to give Trump advice he will think, does this person have my concerns at heart or are they just trying to impede my actions?

Though I believe the article has exposed a dark time in our society. If people inside the administration are actively working against the president, then what hope do we have as a country to succeed. There needs to be respect and discipline in every aspect of the presidency; And if not, congress needs to enact the 25 Amendment to rid our country of a evil substance known as the Trump administration.

Trump’s reaction to the article should not be a surprise. He is enraged and has been scolding the New York Times for publishing an article that made an idiot of the president of the United States.  After the article was released on September 5, 2018, the president’s approval ratings hit a dismal forty percent.

Our nation is finally realizing trump was not a good choice for president. But once the dust has settled, no one will care anymore. That is what this presidency is, one long reality show. One day everyone cares about this drama, and the next day everybody forgets. We should be holding our president accountable for his actions and not constantly forgiving him.