The Filament’s first auditions of the school year

Yabi Bereket, International Editor

The first day of auditions for the Filament’s annual Coffee House was held today and will continue tomorrow, Sept.18, after school in room 270B. The first official Coffee House date will be on Sept. 26, and this event will be held in the Bistro after school.

This event is held to showcase students creative and artistic abilities, which sometimes may not have as much of a platform to be shared on. Acts typically consist of many singers, some acting, and dancing.

As opposed to having only two Coffee Houses a year as they did previously, Filament will be holding one Coffee House every other month- leading to a total of five Coffee Houses.

This gives students more of an opportunity to display their talents, whether they want to perform now, or at the end of the year.

“Our school is very talented, and only having two events does not do us justice in trying to show the potential that everyone has,” senior Ephrata Yohannes said. Yohannes is one of the Co-captains in Filament and has been a member for three years.

Along with this, hosting more events gives the leaders of Filament more of a platform to share what they are and what they do.

This year, Creative Writing is a class which is provided for students who want to better their writing abilities. With the help of English teacher Soo-Jin Le, who is also Co-Advisor for the Filament, students practice writing, which could also be shared on the stage.

“With the creation of Creative Writing, students can also share their poetry in Coffee House, which we have a lack of from time to time,” senior Ephrata Yohannes said.