Should Microwaves Be Allowed In The Cafeteria For Student Use

Wenslie T. Kodua, Staff Writer

Microwaves are prohibited from school grounds due to being a heat regulator. Therefore, during most lunches, students may choose to not eat at all due to the unappetizing food that the cafeteria provides to students. Some may also go to great lengths to bring packed lunch to school or ask their parent to bring outside food to school for them. Yet still, their food tastes unappetizing due to being cold.

This may cause starvation and lack of appetite. This is a major cause of lack of nutrients due to not eating the right amount of meals everyday.

“There are rules and regulations as to what can be provided into the cafeteria, but it will be taken to account if microwaves should be allowed into the cafeteria. “ Principle Tim Thomas said.


Having no microwaves could cause many problems due to the fact that many students may be allergic to certain foods. Students of AHS have been questioned and stated that they would approve and support the ideas of a microwave. Yet, some appear to have no interest in the matter whatsoever.


Most students lose interest in eating the same meal everyday. At least bring food from home once in a while. To indulge in what you bring to feel a sense of satisfaction when eating.


“I think it’s very necessary because not everybody eats school lunch, so kids who don’t eat school lunch can bring lunch from home and feel comfortable.” sophomore Mariam Sesay said.


Students who do not feel as comfortable eating the lunch that is provided from the school would be able to bring a home cooked meal to indulge in . It has been brought to the principal’s attention that seniors of AHS would be pleased to have their own microwave’s in the cafeteria. Yet classmen out of the senior class that also find interest in this field.


“Well, I think microwaves in the school will have a great impact on students because, I know that when i’m hungry I can’t concentrate. So if I bring food from home that fills me up i’ll be able to concentrate and have enough energy to go about my day, “ sophomore Fauzah Kargbo said.


AHS is a school filled with diverse students all with unique cultures. All thought there is a lot of variety, if students are given the opportunity to indulge in such an idea, it would be most profitable.


A student of AHS such as I would be very grateful for a microwave, I would be able to bring food from home and feel more comfortable eating what I brought. Not everyone wants to have to eat the same lunch every single day. I believe that each and every student should feel comfortable in many aspects especially when it pertains to food this topic affects me personally because I dont bring food to school because it always turns out cold and I would have to eat it cold.


It would be understandable if microwaves were provided in the cafeteria. Students would be given a specific time limit as to how long they get to use the microwaves, with a staff member operating this as swiftly as possible.