New yearbook one-day flash sale

Mia Antezana Garcia, Staff Writer

The yearbook committee has decided to use a new method this year to have early sales with a one-day-only discount

A rough draft for the cover and theme of this year’s yearbook.

on Oct. 26 of $8 off the total yearbook price.

“It is a new opportunity this year, it’s a new feature that our company provides. The ability to use online coupon codes and set dates for them,” Yearbook adviser Julia Hanneman said. “We were expecting to have a certain number of yearbooks sold by November 1st.”

The online coupon code is rather simple and straightforward. “We’ve never used it before. Someone can go in and when they’re purchasing online you enter the coupon code and it’ll drop the price automatically,” Hanneman said.

The discount reduces the price of the yearbook that is being sold currently for $65. “It’s an expensive thing to create,” Hanneman said. “In the value aspect, it is something that will last forever. This book will last forever. If you want a snapshot of this period of your life, this is the best way to hold on to it.”

For those who didn’t get a chance to use the online coupon, there will be other options. Hanneman plans on introducing a new payment method to order to buy a yearbook in a much more affordable way.

“It’s not set-up now, but we’re also going to switch to offering a partial online payment plan,” Hanneman said. The system will divide the payment into three and automatically charge you the days you have to pay on.

Though the exact number of people who bought a yearbook from this sale is not known yet, Hanneman expects about one-quarter of the student to buy a yearbook. The yearbook is expected to go up to $80 as the year progresses.