Kings Dominion Haunted House Review

David Solomon, Staff Writer

On Oct. 27 seniors Idris Dahir, Abubakar Elsadeg, Abel Sampson, Michael Bahilou, Kaleb Mengestu, Alex Huynh and Faris Vandakhoot traveled 77 miles to kings dominion on their final week of  their haunted fest.

They tried to experience all of what the haunted fest had to offer but due to the limited time they had and the long lines they could only make it to two rides. The first thrill ride the group went to was the corn maze.

The line wasn’t that long they probably stood in line for about 6 minutes. The moment they walked in they were greeted by a woman who had a bloody gash across her head with blood trailing down her face, the maze was filled with horrific images, flashing lights, pitch black rooms with various characters hiding in the darkest corners of the room ready to pounce at you.

You could hear the screams from the group from miles away particularly Abel Sampson. Once they thought they completed the maze Idris and Abel were chased out by a women wearing a white dress with her long dark hair covering her face.

Once the 8 students completed their first maze they travelled to the next. The group got lost on the way to their next thrill ride so they stopped to ask for directions. When the group found their next ride they were in shock of how long the line was, they were debating whether or not they should go to a different haunted hose before the park closes.

After much discussion they decided to stay and wait in line. Once they reached the entrance the group of students were greeted by staff at the entrance and the staff members handed another a flashlight to use because the house was too dark to go through without some sort of light.

As the group of students walked in they were excited and terrified of what was to come. They go through the house with minimal screaming and a few jump scares here and there. The group got through the house without a problem and they decided compared to the maze the house wasn’t as thrilling as the corn maze.