Atoms Writing Center holds interest meeting

David Solomon, Staff Writer

The Atoms Writing Center will be holding an interest meeting for students interested in becoming a tutor on Nov. 28 in room 274. Pizza and refreshments will be served to all those who attend.

The Atoms Writing Center has provided students with help and assistance on all types of recent written assignments in recent years. The writing center is typically open during R5 and  W4/Pride Time for any students to be tutored and aided with their written assignments.

The interesting meeting will cover the requirements for tutors and the typical workings and functions of the Atoms Writing Center.

“We decided to hold a meeting for all the potential Writing Center tutors that met the requirements, a teacher’s recommendation and is in a good standing academically,” Atoms Writing Center tutor Neyda Villatoro said.

The writing center will also be making new changes this school year with tutoring on assignments outside of the english subject.

“We also talked about the changes we are making like how we are moving beyond just working on English assignments. We are also available to help with science research paper, math papers and history papers  and basically anything that requires writing you need help with we can provide.”