Golden Hour opens door to student creativity


Jude Nanaw

Senior Izzudeen Yahia works on a poem during Golden Hour.

Jude Nanaw, Co-Editor in Chief

The Filament Literary Magazine and the Atoms Writing Center hosted the monthly Golden Hour creative writing event on Nov. 27. The Writing Center was open from 3-4 p.m. after school as students had the opportunity to express themselves through writing.

As students entered the Writing Center, they picked up writing prompts that provided them with an idea to write about during Golden Hour. The prompts included were imaginative such as “Arctic: Look to the snow-covered north and find some inspiration in it” and “Drinks on Me: Write a poem or short story that takes place at a bar.”

“I like the idea of picking up a prompt as I walk into the writing center because it’s sometimes hard to come up with something to write about,” senior Izzudeen Yahia said. “The prompts are written in a way that allows me to use my imagination to come up with something really creative and different.”

Students participating in Golden Hour do not have to write about their selected prompt. Rather, they can write about anything they wish that can be anything from a poem, story, play, or free write.

After about 45 minutes of writing, students are called on to share their work that they’ve written out loud with the group.

“I really like when students are confident enough to share their work with the group,” English teacher Justina Butera said. “I like to hear what students come up with because I’m a writer myself and I sometimes get ideas from students.”

Throughout the school day, students generally do not have the opportunities to express themselves through writing in class. Since its launch last school year, the Golden Hour event has aimed to give students this opening.

“They [students] have the freedom to express themselves creatively which they don’t always get the chance to do in English class,” Butera said. “I also think it’s nice to have an environment where you’re surrounded by other writers and students who share that passion for creativity.”

In addition, multiple English teachers provide extra credit to students who attend the Golden Hour event.

“Overall, it’s just a cool thing to do to sit down and write about prompts in unique ways,” Yahia said. “The extra credit opportunity is just another positive to an already considerable activity.”

Golden Hour will continue taking place throughout the school year on the last Tuesday of every month. The AWC and Filament will advertise the event prior to its taking place.

“I think that it’s really helpful for students to have a place to write where there are no requirements and nobody is telling them what they need to write about,” Butera said.