Auditions and callbacks for Seussical the musical

Mia Antezana Garcia, Staff Writer

The cast of the spring musical has been announced. This year’s musical is Seussical the musical by Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty. Auditions and callbacks were held from Monday, Jan. 7 through Thursday, Jan. 10.

“For the audition process, people signed up for an audition on either Monday or Tuesday,” theater teacher Katherine Brunberg said, “Then they had to prepare a monologue or a Dr. Seuss poem as a song to show of their vocal talent and fit the style of the show.”

However, that wasn’t the end of the audition process. Some students were lucky enough to get callbacks.

“After the initial auditions on Monday and Tuesday about half the people were called back on Wednesday where they were asked to sing a specific song for specific characters they were being considered for,” Brenburg said “On Thursday, we had the dance called back where everybody that auditioned came and learned some musical theater style of dance and presented it. We then formed a cast list on everything that was presented.”

Brunberg also talked about what it was they were looking for in the students that auditioned.

“We were looking for big bold character choices and singing abilities,” she explained “Even though this is a children’s musical the songs are surprisingly difficult, so people needed to have strong vocal talent. We also needed big physical choices, really expressive faces and people that would engage.”

For some students, the audition process was straightforward.

“We would go in and recite a poem and then a little part of a song, then they would decide what would fit you best,”  senior Kidus Haimanot said. “To prepare I went through some of Dr. Seuss’ poems to see which one I most comfortable with because it’s important to know how to express the characters.”

Haimanot got the part of Yertle the Turtle and Orozco is a part of the ensemble.

Sophomore Miguel Orozco got a role in the ensemble of the musical. “We signed up for a time and then went in to say a piece of monologue and a sing a song,” Orozco said. “I felt very nervous during the auditions. I don’t recall much of what happened while I was up there but I’ll be happy no matter the outcome. At least I know I tried my best.”

Haimanot got the part of Yertle the Turtle and Orozco is a part of the Ensemble.

The leads for the musical are senior  Kyle Dalsimer as The Cat in the Hat, sophomore Jack Dalrymple as Horton the Elephant, junior Claire Vaughn as JoJo and senior Emily Trachsel as Gertrude McFuzz.

Supporting cast are junior Makayla Collins as Mayzie La Bird, freshman Jackson Fornairs senior Ioana Marin as Mr. Mayor, freshman Nia Collins as Sour Kangaroo, senior Alex Ohene, freshman Jackson Fornairs, sophomore Mariam Sesay as Wickersham Brothers, freshman Amanda Weaver, senior Rediate Zewdu, junior Savannah Gravitt, junior Vera Miller Bird Girls, senior Kidus Haimanot Yertle the Turtle and senior Alex Ohene General Genghis Khan Schmitz.

Rehearsals for the musical will begin next week. We can expect bright colors, lots of fun energetic dancing, big silly characters and tears for this year’s musical. The performances will be on March 28 and 29 at 7 p.m and March 30 at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. Tickets will be available online and at the door.