Senior Career Fair to take place

Jude Nanaw, Co-Editor in Chief

Throughout their high school careers, students often do not have the opportunity to thoroughly plan for the future and evaluate potential career paths. Usually caught up with studying, homework and projects, it is rare for students to be able to take these things into consideration.

However, the English department is attempting to change that narrative in order to better prepare students for what lies ahead of them. The first step they have taken in doing this is by planning and organizing the first ever Career Fair at AHS.

The fair which will be attended by English 12 students will be held during Pride Time on Jan. 29 in the cafeteria.

Approximately 60 community members with various career backgrounds will be volunteering at the fair and will be meeting with small groups of students consisting of between three and five students per group.

“We are hoping that students will be able to make connections with the volunteers,” English teacher Kathleen Mathis said. “We’ve tried our best to match students up with people in their field of interest as much as possible.”

Volunteers at the Career Fair come from a wide range of career jobs and positions including franchise owners and small business owners as well as individuals that work in accounting, IT, management, education and more.

“We’ve got a wide range of experience from our volunteers,” Mathis said.

Students have been working hard to prepare their resumes, cover letters and e-portfolios as well as work samples that they completed throughout their high school career so that they can present to the volunteers what they have created and get receive feedback both career wise and portfolio wise.

“I’m excited about the career fair because I feel like it will give us students confidence for the future,” senior Sam Abourakty said. “I’m looking forward to receiving feedback because I really want to do well in my future and the volunteers at the fair can take me to the next level.”