New Color Fun Run event set to take place


The Color Fun Run/Walk is slated to take place in late April.

Jude Nanaw, Co-Editor in Chief

Students and members of the AHS community will soon be dashing down a two-mile course on Medford Drive all while being pelted with colored powder.

On April 27, the PTSA will be sponsoring the first annual Color Fun Run/Walk. The event will be open to all who want to participate, with prices for students being $10 and prices for adults being $15. Proceeds will be to the PTSA as well as the Class of 2022 as they look to fundraise towards a free prom.

Class of 2022 officers alongside sponsors Carl and Jessica Klein proposed the idea while discussing potential fundraising options.

“We came up with the idea that instead of having small fundraisers throughout the year, we should have one big one that lots of people would be attracted to,” Class of 2022 Vice President Andrew Zurita said. “To make the run more appealing, we wanted to implement a fun aspect where people would get sprayed with color.”

The run will be two miles long in distance starting at AHS. Throughout the duration of the event, participants will be showered in colored powder. Check-in will begin at 8:30 a.m. with the run itself kicking off at 10 a.m.

“We’re really excited about this very first color run,” Jessica Klein said. “We are trying to get the word out about the event to communities as well as feeder schools so that they can participate in the run.”

In addition to runners, the Color Fun Run will also require volunteers for various positions including set-up, check-in and registration, powder throwers and clean-up. To sign-up to volunteer or register for the run, click here. The PTSA is also accepting donations to help with the costs associated with the event.

“Our goal that we hope to reach is to fund-raise enough for our [Class of 2022] prom to be free of cost,” Zurita said.