Mulch Madness a success


Elias Moura

Lacrosse team members helped out in assisting the delivery of mulch orders.

Jude Nanaw, Editor in Chief

As many fundraisers take place throughout the year for the funding of school events, a traditional fundraiser that takes places each year is the annual Mulch Madness drive.

With the help of the Atoms Boys Lacrosse team, over 3000 bags of mulch were collected and delivered to homes across Annandale resulting in an approximated amount of over $8,000 that was raised.

Mulch bags were available for purchase on the PTSA website up until March 28. Proceeds and sales went towards the All Night Grad Celebration. Upon ordering mulch, buyers were able up their order on April 6 from between 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. or have it delivered to them by the lacrosse team.

The cost for each mulch bag was $5 if picked up and $6 if delivered with a minimum of 10 bags for delivery. 3076 bags of mulch were sold with 3016 units being delivered by the lacrosse team.

“The lacrosse team helping out with Mulch Madness really brings the team closer,” senior Alex Bellem said. “It helps build a bond because we have to work together to finish the job.”

The lacrosse players broke up into teams of four or five and followed the U-Haul trucks and began dropping off mulch at various locations. The team began delivering purchases as early as 7:30 a.m.

The All Night Grad Celebration which was funded via the drive will be taking place on June 6.

“The support of the community is the best part,” PTSA Vice President Rita Zimmerman said. “Buyers were very enthusiastic and eager to support the cause and many added donations on top of their mulch order.”