AHS building vandalized overnight


School administration painted over the vandals' drawings on the modulars.

Suad Mohamed, In-Depth Editor

When students arrived to school today, the first thing that they saw was security surrounding nearly every entrance as they attempted to cover up vandalized exterior walls, doors, and windows.

Paint was used to draw phalluses, derogatory terms, and even a swastika around the back of the building. Additionally, there were remarks directed at certain administrators and teachers.

“The suspects targeted the jock lobby, the loading dock between the gym and the cafeteria. There was drawings near four other entrances, three trailers, and the modulars. They even painted things on my parking space,” Student Resource Officer David Curcio said.

The security team watched security camera footage of the suspects and determined that there were three suspects. The vandalism was done between 1:45 A.M. and 2:30 A.M.

“They were wearing black clothing. Two of them had jeans on with black sweatshirts, and one was wearing Adidas track pants. They all had their faces covered, so it’s hard to determine who they are,” Curcio said.

There is a possibility that the vandalism here might be connected to other similar situations at other schools in the area.

“We’re not sure as to the motive and why they targeted Annandale, but that this did happen at Edison ten days ago. Some of the painting and the writing look similar, and one of the suspect was wearing a distinctive hoodie at both crimes. We’re thinking they could be linked because of that,” Curcio said.

While students were shocked to see references to terror organizations and gangs, security believes that there is no connection and that the symbols were used as a red herring.

“We don’t believe or have any information to support that it was done by a hate group, or that the vandalism was done by neo-Nazis or white supremacists. There was a reference to the Eastside Crips, too, so I think that maybe they were trying to throw a lot of derogatory and nasty stuff out there to deflect from who they are,” Curcio said.

Because of this, it is believed that the drawings were placed around the school as a way to stage a spectacle or to retaliate against the school administration.

“They were meant to alarm the community here and to cause exactly what it did — students taking pictures and talking about it. It’s probably disgruntled current or former student who dealt with the administrators that the attacks were directed towards,” Curcio said.

As of now, the security team at plans on turning over information regarding the vandalism to the county police.

“This case and the main investigative responsibility will be turned over to the detectives at the West Springfield Station. We may consult with the Gang Unit because of the white supremacy and gang overtones. We will also reach out to the detective working at Edison,” Curcio said.

Other police officers and schools in the area will also receive footage of the crime in the hopes that someone else might have information regarding the suspects’ identity.

“We have the video and we are going to circulate the video to other officers in the area. The school will also send the pictures to other schools and other administrators to see if they might recognize the suspects,” Curcio said.

As of now, any footage and pictures from the security cameras are not available to the public, as the investigation is still ongoing. The paintings have been painted over.