Back to School Night to be held tomorrow


Manny Precht, Co-Editor in Chief

The night that many students and teachers may fear is upon us, Back to School Night.

Tomorrow, Wednesday the 4th, AHS is holding its annual Back to School Night for parents. Back to School Night is an opportunity for parents to visit each other their child’s classes, starting by going through the normal red day schedule and cycling back through the white day classes.

Back to School Night is also an opportunity for parents to meet their child’s teachers and develop an understanding of the general year plan for each class. 

Back to School Night is also important to many teachers who must develop a presentation that accurately and effectively provides as much information about their class as possible. 

“The school and teachers believe it’s important to communicate the expectations to parents,” History & Social Studies Teacher Timothy Kelly said.

“From a parents perspective, many parents want to see who the teacher is and how it is they are interacting with their students to get a sense of where their child is going everyday,” Kelly said.

The night begins at 5:30 pm and should end at approximately 8:00 pm.